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Eastview Mall Auto Repair

Top Quality, Affordable Auto Repair Services Near Eastview Mall - Call Today 585-586-8384

When drivers in Eastview Mall need cost conscious auto repairs they call Stan's Auto Service, Inc.. Since 1964, Stan's Auto Service, Inc. has been delivering professional and competitively priced auto repairs to the Eastview Mall area.

Stan's Auto Service, Inc. provides top-quality auto repairs to keep foreign or domestic cars and trucks running at peak performance. Call Stan's Auto Service, Inc. near Eastview Mall at 585-586-8384 for fast, affordable auto repairs. Customer satisfaction is our goal!


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What our clients are saying about us

We have established longterm and stable partnerships with various clients thanks to our excellence in solving their automotive needs!

It's so refreshing to find a car repair center that is honest and respectful. My car had been making a strange noise for weeks and I was concerned. Bill Sayles spent the better part of the morning investigating and finally called to say there was a major problem that would cost over $1,300 to fix. I told him to fix it but he recommended I call the dealer and see if it was something they would cover. He was right, it was covered and because of Bill I saved quite a bit of money. Stan's garage will be taking care of all of our cars from now on. quotes-image
I have been a customer at Stan's Auto for about 20 years. I have found them to be honest and fair. I can trust their recommendations about the repairs my car needs. Bill, the owner, is knowledgable and fair. I highly recommend Stan's!quotes-image